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CAMPTR1 - Nitek


CCTV Surge Protector for Analog Cameras and other CCTV head-end devices.

Product Description

The CAMPTR1 CCTV camera surge protector is a single channel, in-line, coaxial multi-stage video surge protector for analog cameras or head-end applications. The CAMPTR1 CCTV camera surge protector is designed to provide multi-stage surge protection for one channel of video. The unit has BNC type connectors at the input and output for connection to the coax and is ideally suited for small or restricted spaces where a single line of video needs to be protected. The CAMPTR1 Surge Protector provides a heavy, single-point ground connection and is easy to install in minutes. The unit is covered by a lifetime warranty.


• Unique multi-stage design
• Insertion loss < 0.2 dB
• 2.8V clamping voltage
• Heavy single point ground
• Easy to install
• Lifetime warranty

Tech Specs

Size 1.5″H x 1.3″W x 0.8″D
Power Requirements None required
Connection Method Female BNC connectors
Clamping Voltage 2.8V
Video Insertion Loss <0.2dB
Impedance 50 or 75 ohms
Temperature -40C to +85C
Frequency DC to 10 MHz
Shipping Weight 1 lb


CAMPTR1 Specification Sheet Last Updated: August 25, 2017
CAMPTR1 Installation Manual Last Updated: August 25, 2017