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About Nitek

Nitek, a manufacturer of data transmission products, is a Birmingham, Alabama based company specialized in the research and development of unique products for the data transmission and security equipment market. Nitek has been developing and manufacturing products for the security industry since 1983.


The company currently is specialized in data transmission solutions for the use in a wireless, fiber, UTP and or coax network. The products are primarily used in closed circuit video and control system applications. The company is dedicated to provide useful products with a reputation for performance and reliability. The products of Nitek are designed to be exceptional in their capability to transmit information of the highest quality, highest speed, for the longest distances at the lowest possible cost. All products are made in the USA and meet the standards “CE” and “UL” standards. We produce our products lead-free and have a recycling program for our products. Nitek products are developed and manufactured in our own research and development department in the USA.

Customer Experience

Nitek serves the needs of the customer.

Over the years Nitek developed a worldwide sales network covering 80% of the economic world to serve customers’ needs. All international distribution companies, system integrators, contractors and industrial end users are served. Nitek’s products are used in several market segments like financial, telecommunication companies, private sector, public sector and even defense.

Nitek is a dynamic and highly specialized company that has security transmission solutions for all types of networks. Coax, UTP, fiber and even wireless networks. Our product development department consists of our CTO, software engineers, hardware engineers and electronic engineers.


Nitek’s devoted and experienced sales team is ready for you.

Nitek offers multiple communication portals to increase our support response from our technical sales force, indoor and technical support. Conduct training seminars for your technical staff and clients. To make things easier Nitek has sales and technical support staff standing by to assist you and in your transmission needs. Nitek proudly designs, engineers and manufactures all of its own products to maintain full control of product quality and continuity.


Nitek covers global network to meet customer needs.

In order to preserve the value of your legacy coaxial system, we bring new capability to carry ethernet/IP over coax cable and re-use existing cable infra structure. No more limitation, increased bandwidth and no high costs. We provide professional, reliable, industrial solutions at a highly competitive price and performance. Manufacturing and warehousing located in Birmingham, AL and the Netherlands, Europe.

Our Promise

Nitek will always lead you in the right direction.


To realize Nitek’s vision for green earth and environmental protection, we enable new transmission on existing coax cables. For the past few years, Nitek has been dedicated to developing the most economic and easy-to-install Ethernet over coax solutions.


With straight-forward product concept and our passion for ethernet over coax, we have an excellent R&D team and professional technical support group. Leading the way in Ethernet over coax, fiber optic converters and reliable device networking hardware. Distance up to 600 meter (2,000 feet). With bandwidth capability of 100Mbps from start to finish.


Limited lifetime exchange warranty on all Etherstretch and passive products. A 20 year exchange warranty is available on all active products. Robust networking products, dependability and quality combined with a global network to meet customers’ needs, because Nitek puts its Customers First.