Cooling Fan For Use With CX452 and CX254 Modular Card Cages, a component of the UTPLinks System

Model Number: FAN64

  • Cooling Fan For Use With POE48 Cards
  • Component of the UTPLinks™ System

The FAN64 provides cooling for the CX254 and CX452 crossover units. It can be inserted in slot 3 of the CX254 or CX452 and is recommended for use with three or more POE48 cards. It can also be helpful for cooling the CX254 or CX452 when operating in telecomm closets with limited ventilation.

  • Cools up to 4 POE48 Cards in CX452 card cage
 Transceiver Unit
Size 1 horizontal card slot
(5 slots total CX452 card cage)
Power Requirements Supplied byPS115 Power Supply
Shipping Weight 1 lbs

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FAN64 Specification Sheet
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fan64 A&E Specification