Nitek's EX560 Long Range UTP Video System

Long Range UTP Video Balun System - Selectable Distance Settings

Model Number: EX560

  • Complete Extended Video System for UTP Cables
  • Includes Active Receiver & Active Transmitter
  • Selectable Receiver & Transmitter settings - 500 to 6,000 ft (1,800 meters)
  • The EX560 is a complete twisted pair long range video transmission system made up of a TR560 receiver unit and a TT560 transmitter unit. The system is designed to operate over Category 2 or better twisted pair cable and will transmit over a range of 500 feet to 6,000 feet (1,800 meters) of UTP cable. It works well over existing communication, computer network spare pairs, or new cable installations. A highly balanced transmitter output assures that the system will not interfere with other network equipment. Advanced receiver and transmitter electronics provide optimum video quality and complete immunity from ground loop, hum and noise. Both the transmitter and receiver provide adjustment for gain and frequency compensation allowing the system to be fine-tuned for the cable. These unique adjustments provide optimum performance over the entire operating range of the system and allow cable lengths to be estimated with a wide safety margin. The receiver and transmitter units each require 24 VAC power. In multiple receiver and/or transmitter applications a common supply can be used for the system.

    • Active electronics compensate for frequency and level loss providing the highest quality video
    • High resolution color or monochrome video
    • Immunity to ground loop. Video and AC can be run in a common raceway, where code allows
    • Built-in protection from power surges, transients, static or other electrical interference
    • Video can be run in the same cable with telephone and computer signals
    • Weather resistant design
    • Easy to install


    • Large Campus Installations
    • Shopping Malls
    • Airports
    • High Voltage Facilities
    • Traffic Around City Areas
    • Remote Gates

    Wire and Cable Recommendations

    Twisted Sender systems are recommended for use with unshielded twisted pair (UTP) wiring. The systems will operate over wire gauges from 26 AWG through 12 AWG but are optimized for 24 AWG. Category 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 cable may be used. Individually shielded pairs should be avoided, as they drastically reduce the operating range of the systems. Multi-pair cable (>15 pairs) with an overall shield is acceptable. Video can be operated in the same communication cable co-existent with telephone, computer, control signals, power voltages and other video signals. While video may be routed through telephone punch down block terminals, any bridge-taps, also called Ttaps and any resistive, capacitive or inductive devices MUST BE removed from the pair.

    Specific information regarding wire types, gauges and proper installation techniques, please call (800) 528-4343 for technical assistance.

     Unit Specifications
    Size 1.6” (H) x 4.30” (W) x 2.4” (D)
    Power Requirements 12-24VDC/VAC @ 100mA RX
    12-24VDC/VAC @ 300mA TX
    Input Balanced low voltage current loop
    Output 1 vpp composite video
    Monochrome or Color
    Common Mode Rejection >70dB
    Wire Spec 26 to 12 AWG Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP)
    DC Loop Resistance 51 Ohms/1,000 feet (max) (51 Ohms/300 meters)
    Normal Capacitance 17pF/ft.
    Impedence 100 Ohms +/- 20%
    UTP Category 2 or better

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