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Nitek produces a vast array of products for analog and IP security technology communications and information transmission. Nitek is the only manufacturer in the security market offering a complete transmission solution including UTP video products, fiber optic video products, wireless mesh and back haul radios, fiber media converters, network extenders and surge protection devices. From a simple CCTV camera install to a fully integrated video, voice, data and access control city wide deployment, Nitek is committed to providing our customers with superior quality products and outstanding customer service at a competitive price.

UTP Video Balun Transceivers

UTP Video Transmission

Our UTP line of products is the security industry’s broadest and most innovative, featuring single channel UTP products, multi-channel UTP hubs and Niteks patented UTPLinks™, the industrys first migration path of analog and IP integration for video, power and data products over UTP cabling.

Fiber Optic Video Systems

Fiber Video Products

The engineering resources and vast comprehension of video technology at Nitek, enable us to offer a comprehensive line of fiber transmission products for security installations beyond the reach of coaxial and UTP cabling installation practices.

Wireless Mesh Radio Products

Wireless Video Transmission

Nitek offers a range of wireless mesh products providing point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and mesh networks to integrate IP network communications of voice, data and video for the security industry.

Fiber Optic Media Converters

Fiber Media Converters

The MC series fiber optic media converters are a full line of products that transparently connects copper network devices to fiber optic network cabling. Our media converters further bridge the technology and infrastructure gaps that exsist in the IP video market today.

IP Network Extender Systems

Networking Products

Nitek offers a range of solutions to extend IP network cameras and devices using coax or UTP cable for distances of up to 1 mile away. Inline Ethernet and PoE repeaters used in conjunction with mid-span PoE injectors allow for integration of IP network communications for numerous security applications.

Surge Protection for IP and Analog Systems

Surge Protection

The majority of all surge-induced damage is caused by surges and spikes traveling along unprotected video, data and power lines. These surges originate from a wide variety of sources, including static charge buildup and lightning strikes. Nitek has products to protect analog and IP devices and systems.

Accessory Devices


Nitek offers various accessory items for audio, IP video and A/V installations which include interconnects and mounting hardware to make installation of Nitek equipment faster and neater.