NITEK IPT148 - IP Camera PoE Tester and Network Splitter

Model Number: IPT148

IP Device PoE Tester

The IPT148 can be used to test the installation of PoE equipment with or without a PoE network. The IPT148 allows an installer to connect the IP camera to a local laptop computer to focus the camera accurately while the camera is still connected and powered by the main PoE network. Other PoE devices, such as access control units, can also be tested using this device.

The IPT148 does not require a camera to be connected to a PoE network in order to be tested. An optional 48VDC power supply can be connected to the IPT148 when a PoE network is not immediately available. The IPT148 features an LED indicator to detect the presence of power.

  • Power LED indicator
  • Connect IP camera to local laptop

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IPT148 Specification Sheet
IPT148 Installation Manual
IPT148 Visio Drawing
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