PoE (Power over Ethernet) Inserters/Injectors

Nitek’s line of PoE (Power over Ethernet) inserters/Injectors provide power over networks for IP security cameras and other network devices. Multi-Port products are available in Managed and un-Managed versions.These products work well with the Nitek single channel EL1500 series of ethernet extender products.

PoE Injector


The IP1054 single port power over Ethernet inserter is another addition to the industrial networking solutions offered by Nitek. The IP1054 accepts data transmission from the network, while connecting to the IP device transmitting power over Ethernet and network data.

Multi Channel PoE Injector


The IP1648 series of rack mount mid span POE power sources are used for supplying POE and data to multiple devices from a central location such as an operations room. The POE devices feature a separate data-in port coupled with a data out/POE port. The POE function is fully IEEE802.3af compliant.

Managed Midspan PoE Injector


The IP1648M is a managed sixteen port mid-span power supply for PoE compliant cameras and edge devices. The 19 inch 1U EIA rack mount chassis may be rack or shelf mounted.

PoE Injector


The IPT148 can be used to test the installation of PoE equipment with or without a PoE network.

48 Volt PoE Supply


The PS48 power supply can be used with several of the Nitek 48 VDC items such as the IPT148 and the EE328. The PS148 is a 48VDC 1 amp power supply.

48 Volt PoE Supply


The PS4816W 16 Channel 48VDC Supply can provide up to 240 Watts for applications requiring a PoE Voltage source. It is recommended for use with the Model ET1551 series Transmitters.