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Nitek Project Registration Program gives our reseller partners the opportunity to strengthen their position on projects with special pricing and the full support of the Nitek sales team. For opportunities where the reseller has specified our products for a project, Nitek will return that loyalty by keeping all project details confidential and improving the reseller’s profitability or competitive advantage by offering discounted pricing. By submitting a project registration request, the reseller partner or integrator supplies Nitek with the necessary details to validate the registration request and approve the additional discount.

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PLEASE NOTE - All project registration expires 60 days after the estimated purchase date. Extensions may be available, please contact your sales associate for more information.

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I understand that Nitek’s Project Registration Program was created to support and protect the pre-sales investment of those who design Nitek products into a project. It is not intended as a tool to obtain discounts on projects specified by others, including Nitek’s manufacturers reps or their employees, or as a method to compete against others in a bid situation. After submission of project registration Nitek may reward the submitting entity a discount, however submission of a Project Registration does not guarantee a discount. Project registration must be submitted at least 10 business days in advance of a purchase order to qualify. All information submitted will remain confidential. By checking the “I agree” box you are confirming you fully understand the policies and procedures of the registration process.